The Syndicate Solution

Years ago some punters had a cunning plan to win the Football Pools – the weekend competition played in housholds , factories and offices across the land where the jackpots grew to be very large amounts.

The idea was simple – form a syndicate where lots of players contributed a small amount , the money collected paid for multiple entries/combinations and thus the chances of winning were greater . The downside was that any win would have to be shared between the members of the syndicate but generally the “pros” outweighed the “cons” and therefore playing in a syndicate was a common occurence.

Then along came the Lottery and with greater choice available in the market consumers tended to migrate to the Lottery and in particular , play in Lottery Syndicates. To this current day this still , in our opinion the best way to play the Lottery giving the average punter a hance to win prize money in Lottery games which pay multi million/dollar jackpots – head on over to our sister site for more information on Lottery Syndicates !

And now in an era of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing a new innovative product enters the scene – Crowdbetting !

Once again the guys at Colossus Bets , famous for their innovative pool betting solutions have come up with an offer that will certainy appeal to footbal punters – Football Syndicates !

Simply head over to the Colossus Bets site , select the Syndicate option and either join one of the syndicates already set up by Colossus Bet’s punters or start your own syndicate playing on of the many betting pools and invite others to join you !


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