The Pick 8 1X2 Punt

With a weekend full of quality fixtures this weekend the Live Football Scores team are once again on the hunt for some decent betting opportunities.

The Colossus Bets site is always a good starting point as there are always some good opportunities with this weekend being no exception. The pool bet that catches our eye this weekend is the Pick 8 Pool Bet – simply forecast a home/away/draw for the eight selected fixtures to win a share of the jackpot pool of £10,000.

The fact that at the time of writing there are currently 31 syndicates available on the Colossus Bets site to play this pool bet seems to indicate that punters are keen on this weeks Pick 8 !


So,the chance to win £10,000 for forecasting eight correct results on a £2 stake is certainly worth a punt ! – the eight games in the Friday Pick 8  are as as follows :

Leverkusen v Bayern Munich – Friday, January 12th 19:30

Sheffield United v Sheffield Wednesday  – Friday, January 12th 19:45

Cardiff v Sunderland – Saturday, January 13th 12:30

Crystal Palace v Burnley – Saturday, January 13th 15:00

Watford v Southampton – Saturday, January 13th 15:00

Chelsea v Leicester  – Saturday, January 13th 15:00

Nottingham Forest v Aston Villa – Saturday, January 13th 17:30

Tottenham v Everton  – Saturday, January 13th 17:30


The appeal of this unique bet is that they allow fractional cash-in , so if for instance you called  the games on Friday night correctly you would have to opportunity to cash in all or part of your bet before the games being played on Saturday. With a potential win fund of circa £10,000 for a £2 stake this is certainly worth consideration for this week’s betting activities !

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Colossus Bets Pick 8 Friday

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