The Pick 4 Rollover Review

Could this be the weekend when the rollovers no longer “roll over ” ?

With the news that the Megamillions Jackpot of $270 million was finally won on Friday night leaving an Illinois ticket holder very happy then perhaps this could be a signal that other long running rollovers could be won . This theory seemed reasonably sound until the Powerball results came through from across the pond to signal that the jackpot had not been won on Saturday and thus will rollover to an estimated $208 million on Wednesday night !

So in our continuing quest for another non Lottery related rollover a decent bet has caught the attention of the team at Live Football Scores HQ.

The rollover jackpot has grabbed our attention today is again from the guys at Colossus Bets whose Sunday Pick 4 Pool Bet carries a potential £250,000 prize . The current amount of money in Sunday’s Pick 4 pool is £115,875 with £83,828 in the rollover fund  – so at the time of writing this blog post ( midday on Sunday ) there is a potential £199k up for grabs with the expected pool to rise to circa £250k by the first kick off time at 1600 this afternoon.

So , the chance to win circa £250k for forecasting four correct scores is certainly worth a punt ! – the four games in the 1600 Sunday Pick 4 are as as follows :

Manchester City-Arsenal
Everton-West Bromwich Albion
Tottenham Hotspur-Sheffield United

The first game will be played on Sunday 18th January 2015 , the second game on Monday 19th January, the third game on Tuesday 20th January with the final game of the Pick 4 on Wednesday 21st January.The first two games are from the English Premiership with the final two games being the first leg of the two English League Cup Semi Finals .


The appeal of this unique bet is that they allow fractional cash-in , so if for instance you called  the game on Sunday correctly you would have to opportunity to cash in all or part of your bet before the games being played on Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday. With a potential win fund of circa £250,000 for a £2 stake this is certainly worth consideration for this week’s betting activities !

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Colossus Bets Pick 4 Pool

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