The Pick 4 Friday Punt

After the excitement of thrilling Champions League comebacks this week it’s back to domestic action with a good array of games in both the Premier League and the FA Cup so the Live Football Scores team are on the lookout for some decent football betting oppportunities for this weekend.

As usual , the guys at Colossus Bets have a nice series of pool bets worth a look and the Friday Pick 4 Correct Score pool bet for today certainly looks worth a punt.

The pool amount for the Pick 4 Pool starting tonight is £54,539 at the time of posting this post and with the opportunity of cashout it certainly warrants a serious review.

So,the chance to win circa £55,000 for forecasting four correct scores is certainly worth a punt ! – the four games in the Friday Pick 4 are as as follows :

Brighton v Derby – kick off 1945 Friday 10th March

Juventus v AC Milan – kick off 1945 Friday 10th March

Middlesbrough v Manchester City – kick off 1215 Saturday 11th March

Bournemouth v West Ham  – kick off 1500 Saturday 11th March

The appeal of this unique bet is that they allow fractional cash-in , so if for instance you called  the game(s) on Friday night correctly you would have to opportunity to cash in all or part of your bet before the games being played on Saturday lunch time / afternoon. With a potential win fund of circa £55,000 for a £2 stake this is certainly worth consideration for this weekend’s betting activities !

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Colossus Bets Pick 4 Friday

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