The Pick 20 Possibility Persists

With the football season drawing to a close and the matches coming thick and fast the Live Football Scores team are constantly on the look out for value in the football betting markets.

An innovative new pool bet from the guys at Colossus Bets has caught the attention of the Live Football Scores team as it includes one of our favourite bets – the over/under 2.5 goals bet !

With the new Pick 20 from Colossus Bets simply decide – will there be over or under 2.5 goals in each match selected ?

It’s a simple binary decision – yes or no , over or under – simply select your choice for the 20 games in this weekend’s pool !

The jackpot pool for selecting 20 out of 20 games correctly is £250,000  , for 19/20 £5,000 , for 18/20 £2,000 , for 17/20 £1000, for 16/20 £1000 and for 15/20 £1,000.

So for a very low entry fee at £2 this pool bet is certainly worth consideration for this weekend’s betting activities kicking off with the first match at 1945 on Friday night between St.Etienne and Bordeaux.

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Colossus Bets Pick 4 Friday

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