The HDA15 Phenomenon – Week 18

The Live Football Scores team are putting their thinking caps on this morning to address the pressing issue of the fantastic HDA15 Colossus Pool bet from the guys at Colossus Bets which sees it’s eighteenth outing this weekend , starting on Saturday 13th December. The £1,000,000 HDA 15 pool bet from Colossus Bets is  a weekly 15 leg pool bet with a 1×2 format ( home/draw/away) comprising a minimum £500,000 win fund and a minimum £500,000 bonus – both numbers net of deductions . Any winners of the win fund will have a free pick on the outcome of one further football match the following week to try and land the £500,000 bonus .

A full unit will cost players just £2 , but like all Colossus Pool bets , the HDA 15 can be played for as little as 20p ( which buys 0.1 unit and plays for a proportional £100,000).

The matches in this week’s HDA15 pool are spread over four days , eight games on Saturday 13th December , four games on Sunday 14th December, one game on Monday 15th December and two games on Tuesday 16th December. The games in this weekend’s HDA15 pool bet come from the English Premier League , the English Championship , the Italian Serie A, the Spanish La Liga and the English League Cup , a good variety which should certainly test the punter’s knowledge  – these are the games featured in the HDA 15 for this weekend :

Crystal Palace-Stoke
Leicester City-Manchester City
Sunderland-West Ham United
West Bromwich Albion-Aston Villa
Bournemouth-Cardiff City
Leeds United-Fulham
Manchester United-Liverpool
Swansea-Tottenham Hotspur
Atlético Madrid-Villarreal
AC Milan-Napoli
Derby County-Chelsea
Sheffield United-Southampton

Recent weeks have seen punters winning the HDA15 pool bet so whilst it’s tough , it’s not impossible and as far as the Live Football Scores team is concerned, definitely worth a punt !

The added incentive this weekend is the sum of £99,783  in the rollover fund which will be added to the usual jackpot so this weekend is certainly the time to get on – a nice jackpot amount and some games that look to be solid home/away bankers .

The appeal of this unique bet is that they allow fractional cash-in , so if for instance you called  the games on Saturday correctly you would have to opportunity to cash in all or part of your bet before the games being played on Sunday , Monday or Tuesday. With a minimum win fund of £500,000 and the opportunity to use the fractional cash in facility at any stage this truly means that the days of taking a badly valued accumulator are over .

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