The Pick 4 Friday Rollover Review

Regular blog readers will no doubt be aware the the Live Football Scores team are always on the lookout for a good value bet  in particular pool bets ,which when not won rollover to an increasing amount the next time the bet takes place. Usually this involves large Lottery jackpots such as the Megamillions  , Powerball or Euromillions however "rollover" jackpots can be found in other areas and … [Read more...]

The HDA15 Punter Perplexity

Readers of the Live Football Scores blog will be aware that the Live Football Scores team whilst averse to giving betting advice do always keep an eye out for great betting opportunities for punters like ourselves . This is one reason why we often feature the Colossus Bets HDA 15 pool bet - a fantastic pool bet with a large jackpot available for a small outlay . We think it's fair to say that … [Read more...]

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